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10 Bird Feeders Kids Love To Make

We love to feed the birds outside in the backyard. It’s so much fun to sit back and watch all the wonderful birds come over to eat the seed. Making bird feeders with the kids is a great activity to get them outside and loving nature. My boys

Scarecrow Potato Print Craft

I know I know.  More potato print crafts! Yes, more potato print crafts.  But how fun and cute are they. This mama was determined to put those sprouting potatoes to good use. It was so much fun seeing what all we could make out

Apple Volcanoes Science for Kids

If you follow FSPDT activities and crafts then you know I have been on an apple kick.  Once I decided to plan some apple fun with the kids, the ideas just kept coming.  Today I am sharing a classic science experiment with a twist.

Apple Number Match Up Activity

We have been having a wonderful summer!  I can not believe my kid’s just went back to school.  I am not ready for the early wake ups and extra busy days.  But I am excited about the Fall being right around the corner.  I

Apple Books for Children

I can not believe summer is gone and Fall is here!  I do love Fall.  One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of the beginning of Fall is Apples!  When my oldest child was little, he loved the book

Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos have been on my to try list forever!  We finally got around to making them today.  Having a bag full of apples from the apple farm was inspiring. This snack was a  big hit with the kids.  I must say I wanted

Pumpkin Spice Soda Dough Recipe

I get so excited to get in the kitchen and create sensory play recipes for the kids.  I know, crazy.  I never know what will or won’t work when I start.  Same went for the Pumpkin Spice Soda Dough Recipe I am sharing with

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

For us, Thanksgiving is our next fall holiday!  I love spending time with my family for a great meal on Thanksgiving day.  Not that we ever need an excuse to get together for a meal.  As much as I enjoy spending time with my

How to Make Apple Scented Cloud Dough

  My oldest loves cloud dough. A fun, fluffy, and yet moldable play material you can make at home. We have been playing in it for years. He never gets tired of it. I recently asked him if he could have anything he wanted with an apple scent for playtime what would it be.  His

Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas

I had so much fun putting together the Apple Scented Sensory Play Ideas post that I set out to create a Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas post too.  Apple and pumpkin are two of my favorite scents in the fall. Adding those scents to playtime

Fall Sensory Play Ideas

I get excited about most seasons because they all bring something different to the table.  However, I just LOVE Fall or Autumn.  The weather here starts to cool off, the bugs start disappearing, apple picking, visits to the farm, and most of all, everything

Fall Playdough Busy Activity

Fall is in the air here in the south.  The leaves on a few trees are starting to change color and the evenings are getting cooler.  Fall is my favorite time of the year here.   I took a box of fall themed items

Pumpkin Spice Scented Pumpkin Volcano for Kids

We love SCENTED sensory play.  Anything I can add scent to I will try it. After doing our Apple Scented Apple Volcanoes I knew we would have to try pumpkin spice scented pumpkin volcanoes! Now to just figure out how to do this.  It

Fall Tree Crafts for Kids

Each season brings so much excitement for crafting with the kids.  We are enjoying the fall season here right now.  The trees are changing colors and the leaves are falling.  I love fall tree crafts.  The kids and I have done a few over