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Ultimate Nerf Gun Gift Guide

As the mom of three boys I guess stepping on Nerf darts and finding Nerf guns hiding under my bed was bound to happen one day.   Well, those days are here!  Over the last few years my boys have gotten a few Nerf guns

Toy Story 4 Gift Guide

I remember watching Toy Story 1 and 2 with my oldest when he was little.  He just loved them! After having 2 more sons I got to continue to watch Toy Story 1,2,3 with all my boys.  My husband and I were just as

The Ultimate Fortnite Gift Guide

If you have ever heard the words chug jug, boogie bomb, med kit, floss…. Chances are you have a Fortnite loving gamer in your life. The Ultimate Fortnite Gift Guide is for them! I have 3 children and they all like something related to Fortnite

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

I love wooden toys!  Wooden toys seem to last forever.  There is such an amazing variety of toys out there.  I wanted to put a few on my toddler’s wish list so I went searching for the best ones around.  I saw some favorite classics,

Star Wars Gift Guide for Kids

My husband is a big Star Wars fan!  And now that the kids are getting older they have gone to the dark side and are huge Star Wars fans.  Since they are all such fans of course my mind went to a Star Wars

Magnetic Blocks Gift Guide

Excited to be taking part in this years Gift Guides for Kids headed up by What We Do All Day. Head over to the landing page above to see ALL the gift guides from today.  You do not want to miss them! My kids this year are really

Gift Guide for Toddler Bath Toys

Bath time is a great time to let the kids play.  There are so many fun toys that can be added to bath time.  My kids love getting in the bath to play in the water.  In the colder months bath time is the

Eric Carle Book Inspired Products for Kids

Happy Birthday Eric Carle!!  Today I am sharing a fun post dedicated to Carle inspired products.  Toys, lunch boxes, and more. I see a lot of things I want and the kids would love.  I can’t wait to have a wish list to come