Kids Arts and Crafts Archive

Snowman Craft for Kids

I love making snowman crafts with my kid’s during the winter months.  It gives us something fun to do and we get to decorate our art all with winter themed  projects.  The snowman craft is easy to make and so cute too.  All 3

Grinch Paper Plate Craft

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of our family movie traditions.  We watch it every year.  The kids just love it and so do I.  So to extend the movie we mad a fun Grinch paper plate craft to hang on the art

Scarecrow Potato Print Craft

I know I know.  More potato print crafts! Yes, more potato print crafts.  But how fun and cute are they. This mama was determined to put those sprouting potatoes to good use. It was so much fun seeing what all we could make out

Beach and Ocean Themed Kid Activities

  We had so much fun last year exploring bugs for a Bug Themed Activities for Kids post.  The Beach and Ocean Themed Kid Activities were put together to inspire and help plan a summer camp week at home, school, or church…  This year Sugar

Potato Print Polar Bears

  We had so much fun with our Heart Potato Stamps last year that we wanted to try more potato print art.  After buying a LARGE bag of potatoes we were not able to eat them fast enough.  They started to sprout.  I kept a

Wind Chime for Kids to Make

    Last year we made Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes.  The kids loved helping to make the wind chime and it is still out in the tree a year later!  We set out to make a new wind chime this year out of another recycled material.

Bee Footprint Puppet

If you follow along here on our blog you know we LOVE print crafts!  I love that they can be fun keepsakes and the kids love painting their hands, feet…  Print art does not always have to be about keepsakes and decorations.  Today we

Kid Made Wind Chimes

The kids and I love finding fun ways to create beautiful wind chimes for outside.  We get to have fun making them and we have fun decorating outside with them too.  There are so many beautiful kid made wind chimes out here and I

Q-Tip Rainbow Craft for Kids

The kids had so much fun with our Q-tip heart paintings a few years ago I thought it was time to do it again.  With Spring on my mind we ended up trying a fun Q-tip Rainbow craft one afternoon.  This craft is also

Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

We are so excited to start Christmas crafting at the house.  While the kids are little we have enjoyed Christmas with crafting, baking, and playing holiday themed games.  We had some cardboard sitting out and I thought it would be perfect to make fork

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

For us, Thanksgiving is our next fall holiday!  I love spending time with my family for a great meal on Thanksgiving day.  Not that we ever need an excuse to get together for a meal.  As much as I enjoy spending time with my

Christmas Crafts for Kids

It is time to start thinking about what fun Christmas craft to try with the kids this year.  Spending time crafting with kids is a fun way to spend time together.  It is also fun to make crafts for others.  I know my kids

Potato Print Spider Craft

Yes, I will say it again! I love holiday crafts!  The kids and I love using our simple holiday crafts to decorate the house or create gifts for others.  Halloween is on our minds so we decided to try a potato print spider craft.

Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft

We had so much fun with our Frankenstein Footprint craft a few years ago I wanted to try a new Frankenstein craft with the kids.  I bought these small green plates months ago.  I knew they would be perfect for a Frankenstein paper plate