Memorial Day Archive

Toilet Paper Roll Firework Paintings

We spent an afternoon with paper and red, white, and blue paint,  inspired by the upcoming patriotic holiday to make some firework paintings.  We first started  out with a classic pipe cleaner print seen here.  Then we moved on to finding other ways to

Paper Plate Fan Craft

  Forth of  July is less than a week away.  We are planning ahead this year for the holiday parade and making paper plate fans. We did this last year but only a few hours before we left.  They came in handy to help

Flag Handprint Craft

The kids love to make crafts for upcoming holiday’s.  We have 4th of July coming up here in the US.  The kids wanted to make a craft to go along with the occasion.  So why not a fun handprint flag craft?  The kids love

Firework Paintings

I saw these fun Firework Paintings on Juggling With Kids a few years ago and have been wanting to try them with my kids.  With Memorial Day and then 4th of July coming up I thought it would be a fun themed craft for

Patriotic Activities and Crafts for Kids

We love finding fun ways to add holiday themed ideas to playtime and craft time.   With Memorial Day and Fourth Of July coming up, I wanted to put together a list of Patriotic Activities and Crafts for the Kids.  Now I will have

Red, White, and Blue Playdough Play Activity for Kids

What better way to celebrate our patriotic holiday then to play with red, white, and blue playdough.   The great thing is you don’t need a holiday to play with playdough. This simple activity is great for pretend play, color recognition, and fine motor skills. 

Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft

  What a fun challenge to make a chicken craft.  And to make it represent you or your country…  We took this challenge from MollyMoo.  Here is what we came up with.   I have been trying to think of what the kids and

Patriotic Star Banner

I love to hang banners up during holiday times.  I want my kids to know what holiday is next when they look at the house.  Memorial day is the next holiday coming up for us to remember all our military men and women who

Memorial day crafts and coloring pages links – crafts and color pages crafts – crafts & coloring pages -crafts  -crafts I am a little behind on get a link list together for memorial day it is right around the corner.  Hope you can find a fun craft here for you