New Year’s Eve Archive

New Year’s Erupting Volcanoes

 We had a  really fun NOON YEAR’S party last year.  The kids and I made party hats, and noise makers, I set up a balloon drop, and watched the Sprout Channel and followed their countdown to noon year’s.  We had cookies and little plastic

DIY Music Shaker Instrument

DIY Music Shaker Instruments are a lot of fun to make with the kids.  No matter what time of the year, a music shaker or noise maker is a great project to make with the kids.  New Year’s just happens to be around the

New Year’s Activities for Kids

 We love an excuse to party over here and have a good time.  Partying with the kids is always so much fun.  I think I enjoy New Years so much more now that I celebrate it with the kids.  Last year, since the kids