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Two Ingredient Frozen Dough Recipe

It is time to kick off a new year of 12 months sensory dough series hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures!  This month we start off with frozen dough.  And I am not talking the Disney movie Frozen but literally frozen playdough.  This Two Ingredient Frozen

Peppermint Cloud Dough

I know we still have a little while till Christmas but it is never too early to get in the holiday spirit. My kids actually kept their small Christmas tree up all year in their room.  They just could not part with the lights.  I

Halloween Slime Recipe

We love holiday inspired kid activities.  With Halloween coming up, the kids and I have gotten the Halloween boxes out for playtime!  The kids have not had slime to play with in a while so I made some Halloween slime  for an afternoon play

Star Wars Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than with a fun Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin!  Today is May the 4th or Star Wars day.  May the 4th or may the force, lol.  Just love the play on words.  As the boy of 3

Sugar Cookie Cloud Dough

It is time for another fun play recipe!  This time, for 12 Months of Sensory Dough, we are playing with cloud dough.  So many fun recipes for cloud dough.  You can see how the kids and I played with it recently here:  Peppermint Cloud Dough.  When it

Orange Fizzy Dough

It is time for another fun dough recipe.  This time we are exploring Fizzy Dough!  How fun to play with dough that will fizz up.  We have played with fizzy dough before and the kids always love it.  This dough is not only fun

Rainbow Clean Mud

It is the final week of Spring Activities for Kids brought to you by Learn Play Imagine and Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails(FSPDT).  This week is Sensory Play!!  If you follow either of our blogs then you know we love SENSORY activities.

Gingerbread Sensory Rice Recipe

You have heard me say it (or type it) before that we love sensory play at my house.  I love coming up with fun play recipes for the kids and they love the freedom to explore through play.  Sensory play is a great way

Pumpkin Spice Soda Dough Recipe

I get so excited to get in the kitchen and create sensory play recipes for the kids.  I know, crazy.  I never know what will or won’t work when I start.  Same went for the Pumpkin Spice Soda Dough Recipe I am sharing with

How to Make Apple Scented Cloud Dough

  My oldest loves cloud dough. A fun, fluffy, and yet moldable play material you can make at home. We have been playing in it for years. He never gets tired of it. I recently asked him if he could have anything he wanted with an apple scent for playtime what would it be.  His

Easy Soap Dough Play Recipe

Another fun play recipe as part of 12 months sensory dough!  This month I have an Easy Soap Dough Play Recipe to share.  This dough was a big hit with the kids. I love that I had everything I needed in the pantry to make

Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas

I had so much fun putting together the Apple Scented Sensory Play Ideas post that I set out to create a Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas post too.  Apple and pumpkin are two of my favorite scents in the fall. Adding those scents to playtime

Foaming Beach Sand Dough

This month’s theme for 12 months of sensory dough is sand dough!  We have made sand playdough before and my kids loved it.  I was trying to figure out what sand dough I would make this go round.  After some thought Foaming Beach Sand