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Kid’s Artwork Candles

      It is time to explore a new book on Preschool Book Club.  This time we are reading Ish by Peter Reynolds.  This was a fun story to read.  We got a little creative-ish and made some fun kid’s artwork candles after

Exploring Books Through Play

  I am so excited to let you know about a new book we helped co-author today!  We teamed up with our Preschool Book Club friends to bring you Exploring Books Through Play. It is 50 activities based on books about friendship, acceptance, and empathy.

Book Inspired Activities and Crafts

When I found out I was expecting my first child my mother brought over children’s books and told me to start reading to that baby now. I ready to all 3 of my children while pregnant and while they were so young they could not

Goodnight Moon Scavenger Hunt

It is time for another Preschool Book Club  post!  My favorite posts of the month.  Today we are exploring a classic book we have been reading for some time at my house, Goodnight Moon.  We had the Runny Away Bunny first and my kids

Freight Train Math Game

My boys have been in love with Freight Train for a long time!! It was one of the first books my oldest ever checked out of the library.  We got lucky and got it in the mail through a book program our county has

Circle And Holes Art for Kids

 This post  contains affiliate links.   It is time for another fun Preschool Book Club post!  This time we are exploring the book Beautiful Oops!  After reading the kids and I decided to try some sort of art around holes.  We came up with this

Paper Doll Crayons

So thrilled to be starting back with our biweekly Preschool Book Club ( see our posts here).  We love books and book activities.  Today we are sharing a book inspired activity to go with The Day the Crayons Quit.  Such a fun book.  We have

Mix It Up Book Inspired Fingerprint Art

    This weeks Preschool Book Club is exploring Mix It Up! A new book by Herve Tullet.   We had so much fun with his book Press Here that we could not wait to read this one.   After reading the book a few times with

Ten Apples Up on Top Apple Sensory Bag

This week’s Preschool Book Club is reading Ten Apples Up On Top!  We love this book.  I was so excited that it came up in the list for the book club to explore.  We did  Ten Apples Up On Top- counting and matching activity

Press Here Book Inspired Eraser Paintings

This month’s Preschool Books Club brings you Press Here!  A fun book for the family.  We had never heard of this book before the book club.  The kids just loved that they got to get involved while reading it.  We set out to make