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Candy Cane Kiss Sugar Cookie Recipe

Christmas is going to be here before I know it!  But it is never too late to get in the kitchen with the kids and make yummy treats for family and friends.  The kids and I often make friends at places we frequent.  So

Yummy Kid Snack Ideas

I often feel like my entire day is revolving around the words ” I’m hungry”!  No matter how much or how not so long ago it was they ate they are ready to fuel up again.  I do not blame them they are growing

Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark

This Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark is amazing!  Not only does it taste so good, it is super easy to make too. The kids love getting in the kitchen with me and making teats.  During Christmas time we have a tradition of making treats to

Southwestern Egg Rolls

I love easy dinner ideas!  This Southwestern Egg Roll Recipe is just that, easy.  This dinner idea came to be because I had leftover chicken from the day before and had bought egg roll wraps in hopes to make something else with them.  But it

Vanilla Wafers with Bananas & Peanut Butter

The kids and I love making new yummy snacks.  These vanilla wafers with bananas and peanut butter  are so good.  The kids loved helping make them.  We all loved eating them even more. We look forward to spending more time in the kitchen making

Cinnamon Roll Bread

Another fun week of A-Z cooking with kids series.  We are close to the end.  Today is Y is for yogurt.  I was needing to make the kid’s breakfast one morning and this cinnamon roll bread is made with yogurt!  Perfect recipe to share

Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz

We have missed our cooking with kids series for several weeks.  But I am thrilled to be back this week posting W is for Walnuts.  The kids and I love making simple and yummy treats together.  These Walnut Chocolate Dipped Ritz are just that! Simple

Spaghetti Bake Recipe

Another fun cooking with the kids post for today.  Today is S is for Spaghetti. We made an easy spaghetti bake for dinner one night.  I took a few pictures so I could share it with you today.  The kids love helping out in

Mexican Sopes Recipe

I love getting in the kitchen with my mom.  She had us in the kitchen when we were little and I love the memories I have of us cooking.  I love now that when we get together to prepare a meal that my kids

Steak Fried Rice

I love Chinese food!  I wish all of my kids did too.  However, I have one that will eat it, one that wants the steak/meat out of it, and one that likes the chinese buffet that has cheese sticks, lol. So, needless to say,

Kit Kat® Brownies Recipe

This post brought to you by The Hershey Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Frogs Snails And Puppy Dog Tails. We are getting excited about Halloween coming up.  Did you know Americans of all ages celebrate the paranormal activity and mystery

Salami and Banana Pepper Stromboli

Another fun week of cooking with the kids.  This week we are on P is for Pepper!  I have been wanting to try Stromboli for some time now and this was a great push to do it.  We are big fans of salami and

Picadillo Cuban Recipe

When I thought about what to share in today’s cooking with kids post only one recipe came to mind when I thought about O is for Olives.  Yep, Picadillo!  Growing up with a multicultural family I got to taste what I think is the