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Jelly Bean Science Experiment

  Do you and the kids love candy science?  We do over here at my house.  Finding ways to use up candy that does not include eating it is always a plus at my house.  So what better to do with a few bags

Apple Volcanoes Science for Kids

If you follow FSPDT activities and crafts then you know I have been on an apple kick.  Once I decided to plan some apple fun with the kids, the ideas just kept coming.  Today I am sharing a classic science experiment with a twist.

Rainbow Rocket Science

  We have been having lots of fun making things fizz, erupt, overflow, and catapult across the driveway.  Today we are having fun shooting rockets into the air.  It was a bumpy start to our alka-seltzer rocket experiment.  You could call it a project

New Year’s Erupting Volcanoes

 We had a  really fun NOON YEAR’S party last year.  The kids and I made party hats, and noise makers, I set up a balloon drop, and watched the Sprout Channel and followed their countdown to noon year’s.  We had cookies and little plastic

Fizzy Heart Valentine Science

   We LOVE baking soda and vinegar science.  Such a simple experiment that my kids love each time we do it.  I love mixing it up by creating a themed or holiday experiment from time to time.  Also having 3 kids all different ages

Catapult Science for Kids

  What better way to explore  science than with a DIY catapult?  The catapult is a great way to talk about trajectory and projectiles with kids. Trajectory- the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces. Projectiles- a

Pumpkin Spice Scented Pumpkin Volcano for Kids

We love SCENTED sensory play.  Anything I can add scent to I will try it. After doing our Apple Scented Apple Volcanoes I knew we would have to try pumpkin spice scented pumpkin volcanoes! Now to just figure out how to do this.  It

Foaming Beach Sand Dough

This month’s theme for 12 months of sensory dough is sand dough!  We have made sand playdough before and my kids loved it.  I was trying to figure out what sand dough I would make this go round.  After some thought Foaming Beach Sand

Amazing Easter Science Experiments

Science is fun anytime at my house.  With Easter coming up I thought it would be fun to get some Easter Science Experiment inspirations.  We love to add fun themes to some of our experiments.  This collection shows you that other love it too.

Candy Science

We love simple science at my house.  Science is fun to me and trying out new experiments with the kids is even more fun.  I love trying to find fun ways for them to learn.  Just exposing them to new things at an early

Easter Egg Volcanoes

  There are some simple science experiments that we just never get tired of.  The great thing about having 3 kids all different ages is that each one of them gets to enjoy activities I have done with the other kids before.  The older

Bubbling Pine Cone Science

 Excited to be joining STEM Saturday!  Each week I aim to bring you a new STEM activity for you and the kids to try out.  The amazing thing is we will also get inspiration from the amazing ideas my fellow co-host share too.  See their