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Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle

I just love rainbow themed kid activities.  The bright colors are so inviting to me and my kids.  Using rainbow themed activities with young kids is an easy way to go over colors while playing. Today I am sharing how to make a fun

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle

Things have been so crazy over here at my house the last month.  With sick kids, doctor appointments, family events… I had hoped to share this activity with you weeks ago and never had a chance to find the time to do it with

Frankenstein Sensory Bottle

My favorite holiday themed character for Halloween seems to be Frankenstein’s Monster!  Maybe it is the bright green or the simplicity of recreating the monster with craft supplies. Whatever it is I just had to get in at least one Frankenstein activity or craft with

Easy Apple Sensory Bottle

Apples! I never get tired of coming up with apple themed activities for my kids.  I might even go a little crazy when it comes to apple inspired play.  This month’s sensory bottle series was all about Fall and what else would I want