St Patricks day Archive

Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle

I just love rainbow themed kid activities.  The bright colors are so inviting to me and my kids.  Using rainbow themed activities with young kids is an easy way to go over colors while playing. Today I am sharing how to make a fun

Rainbow Rocket Science

  We have been having lots of fun making things fizz, erupt, overflow, and catapult across the driveway.  Today we are having fun shooting rockets into the air.  It was a bumpy start to our alka-seltzer rocket experiment.  You could call it a project

Q-Tip Rainbow Craft for Kids

The kids had so much fun with our Q-tip heart paintings a few years ago I thought it was time to do it again.  With Spring on my mind we ended up trying a fun Q-tip Rainbow craft one afternoon.  This craft is also

Rainbow Inspired Activities for Kids

There is just something magical about rainbow inspired activities.  All those pretty colors in one place just makes me smile, lol. But rainbow activities for young kids are a great way for them to learn while playing.  There are so many amazing rainbow themed

Rainbow Straw Scissor Skills

All 3 of my kids LOVE bendy straws.  We keep them handy.  And of course bright colored bendy straws are even better. My 3.5yr is all about using scissors right now.  It is still a bit new to him and he always wants to

Rainbow Salt Writing Tray

It is time for this months All Things Kids Series. Spring Sensory Playdate Activities Series brought to you by a group of blogging moms that never fail to amaze me with their fun kids activities, crafts…     This month’s series is hosted by Sugar Aunts and

Edible Cream Cheese Playdough

Whoo, it is time for this month’s 12 months of sensory dough post!  This time we are sharing a new edible playdough recipe with you.  We have shared edible peanut butter playdough, edible frosting playdough, and Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun before.  Today I have a new

Leprechaun Munch

  Do you think Leprechauns get hungry?  If they do what would they eat?  The kids and I thought they might enjoy Leprechaun Munch.  We got in the kitchen and created a recipe just for our sneaky leprechaun that comes to visit each year.

Rainbow Cereal Craft

  I have had trying the classic rainbow cereal craft on my to try list for some time.  We finally got around to making it.  We had to add in some handprint clouds to make it all our own.  You know we love print

Foam Painted Clover Art

We love quick and easy projects over here.  That is just what the Foam Painted Clover art project is.  Quick and easy to set up for the kids and tons of fun for them to create.  When I had some time alone with my

Rainbow Salt Clover Craft for Kids

Things have been extra busy over here for us the last few months.  With my focus on other things, we have not done any (I think) St. Patrick’s Day CRAFTS.  I finally had a day that I could sit down with my toddler and

Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

Yes, Yes, I know I have gone rainbow crazy.  But these fun and bright colors are just what I need to start thinking spring.  They are also a fun way to go over colors with my kids.  The Rainbow Fingerprint Flower Family Art was