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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is coming up. Here are some ideas for you to check out for Teacher Appreciation gift ideas.  Easy and awesome ideas for all the great teachers out there.  I see a few ideas we could pick from for this year! Hope it helps

Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week!  I needed a quick and easy gift idea to make for 4 teachers(this includes teachers aides) for my kids.  We headed out to the dollar tree to look for gift inspiration.  We came home with coffee mugs and

Teacher Appreciation: Treat Bowls

Teacher appreciation week is this coming week of may and I wanted to do something cute, cheap, and easy for my son’s preschool teacher and aid.  I came a cross these cute teacher treat jars and printable labels at Eighteen 25 .  I had bowls

A Gift From The Heart: Teacher Appreciation Gift

Yes, there is a week dedicated to showing your teachers appreciation. You it is a great time to show teaches some love. However, we like to show them a little appreciation throughout the year for the hard work they put in teaching and caring

Teacher Appreciation Gift: strawberry baskets

With Teach Appreciation Day coming up I set out to make something for my sons teachers.  I came across a few sources of inspiration and came up with a strawberry basket with these adorable printables from Eighteen 25  I had the perfect gift for