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Back to School Sensory Bottle

I have been staring at these back to school erasers on my desk for weeks.  I wanted to do something fun with them.  I was thinking about a sensory bag but still was not sure.  Then when I saw Preschool Inspirations Ocean Discovery Bottle

Seashell Washing Station

My kids really enjoy sensory bins or water bins.  With summer upon us, I thought it was time for  a summer themed water sensory bin for the kids to play in.  Seashells and water come to mind first.  Then a fun seashell wash station

Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle

I just love rainbow themed kid activities.  The bright colors are so inviting to me and my kids.  Using rainbow themed activities with young kids is an easy way to go over colors while playing. Today I am sharing how to make a fun

Star Wars Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than with a fun Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin!  Today is May the 4th or Star Wars day.  May the 4th or may the force, lol.  Just love the play on words.  As the boy of 3

Snowman Ball Toss Game

My kids never sit still for long.  I am always looking for simple yet fun ways to keep them busy.  Gross motor activities are great to keep them moving and improving their large muscle groups.  This snowman ball toss game was a great gross

Sugar Cookie Cloud Dough

It is time for another fun play recipe!  This time, for 12 Months of Sensory Dough, we are playing with cloud dough.  So many fun recipes for cloud dough.  You can see how the kids and I played with it recently here:  Peppermint Cloud Dough.  When it

Superhero Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

Last year I really wanted to make the classic pom pom shooter with my boys.  Traditionally I have seen the shooters made out of plastic cups.  I set out to try this with much disappointment.  It just didn’t work for us.  After a moment of clarity while putting clothes in the dryer,

DIY Sand and Rock Box

Several years ago we made a Rock Box- A Construction Theme Sensory Bin.  My oldest just loves playing in this rock box.  We had to put it up for a while when little brother was younger but he is now old enough to play in

Number Learning Gross Motor Activity

I have 3 boys ages 1-5 yr and they never STOP!  I know all kids like to go, go, go but all kids are a little different too.  Mine never stay still and always like to be busy doing something.  I can not say much as they take after me.

Gingerbread Sensory Rice Recipe

You have heard me say it (or type it) before that we love sensory play at my house.  I love coming up with fun play recipes for the kids and they love the freedom to explore through play.  Sensory play is a great way

Rainbow Inspired Activities for Kids

There is just something magical about rainbow inspired activities.  All those pretty colors in one place just makes me smile, lol. But rainbow activities for young kids are a great way for them to learn while playing.  There are so many amazing rainbow themed

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

I love wooden toys!  Wooden toys seem to last forever.  There is such an amazing variety of toys out there.  I wanted to put a few on my toddler’s wish list so I went searching for the best ones around.  I saw some favorite classics,

Color Learning Activities Kids Will Love

COLORS, COLORS, COLORS! There are so many AMAZING coloring learning activity ideas around for children. Having hands on color activities for kids can make learning their colors so much more exciting.  Being able to get involved in color sorting or matching can be more interesting

Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Kids

        We love dinosaurs at my house!  I think lots of kids enjoy the large magical creatures.  We had a lot of fun taking part in Play, Craft, and Learn with Dinosaurs hosted by Craftulate this year.  I wanted to put together