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Toy Story 4 Gift Guide

I remember watching Toy Story 1 and 2 with my oldest when he was little.  He just loved them! After having 2 more sons I got to continue to watch Toy Story 1,2,3 with all my boys.  My husband and I were just as

Apple Number Match Up Activity

We have been having a wonderful summer!  I can not believe my kid’s just went back to school.  I am not ready for the early wake ups and extra busy days.  But I am excited about the Fall being right around the corner.  I

Watermelon Baking Soda Science

We love themed baking soda science play!  This simple science experiment is  fun over and over again with a simple themed twist.  Today we added a watermelon theme to learning and playtime.  The kids loved it and I loved they were learning through play.  This

Potato Print Witch Craft

What to do when you have a bag of potatoes on the counter that did not get eaten in time, make print art!  We love simple arts and crafts at my house.  So when I realized the potatoes started sprouting I grabbed the paint

Color Mixing with Ice Cubes and Water

  My son had a blast learning about color mixing with ice cubes and water. It was the perfect activity for a hot summer day and a great way to experiment with colors! Now that it is warming up outside, we are enjoying lots

Christmas Tree Handprint Art

As part of the Holiday Print Art series with House of Burke, today we are sharing our Christmas Tree Handprint Art.  We did footprint Christmas trees last year and just had to try the handprints this year.  I love print art having small kids still.

Site is Under Construction!

Hi!  I just wanted to take a minute to explain why you may not have been able to see any of our posts the last few days.  I am in the middle of a blog transfer from blogger to WordPress.  I am also excited

About Me

I once worked in the medical field working long hours taking care of people and have now traded that in for being a full time wife and mommy.  I still work long hours taking care of people but it pays me so much more

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If you would like to contact me by email here it is Highmee80@gmail.com.  Another great way to reach me if through my FB page you can message me there.                                                                                              Jaime-FSPDT