Water play Archive

Seashell Washing Station

My kids really enjoy sensory bins or water bins.  With summer upon us, I thought it was time for  a summer themed water sensory bin for the kids to play in.  Seashells and water come to mind first.  Then a fun seashell wash station

Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin

Last year I cut up some pool noodles for a pool noodle water bin. We have since had a lot of fun with these pool noodles.  One of the things we tried last year was pool noodle boats.  They kids had a lot of fun with

Sponge Bombs Water Play

Sponge Bombs!  I have seen these on so many different sites that I could not tell you who came up with it first, but sponge bombs are everywhere. Over the summer my cousin suggested that at our next family reunion we should try and

Water Play Ideas for Kids

Water Play activities have been a huge hit with my kids for years now.  I have always loved that, no matter the age gap, my kids can always seem to find a way to have fun together during our water activities.  I have 3

Simple Water Play

We love simple water play at my house.  It has always been one thing I could setup that all the kids could enjoy together.   Water play is a great sensory experience for the kids.  Playing in water never seems to get old and

Soapy Potion Mixing

Simple science and sensory play are always a hit at my house.  The kids love exploring and playing.  One afternoon I set them up a simple soapy potions mixing station.  They could explore the science of color mixing while enjoying their senses.  This is

Washing Dishes Water Play for Kids

 If you follow my blog you know we love water play.  It is one activity that both my boys can enjoy together.  I am always trying to find something fun for them to do together.  My oldest son has washed his cars outside before

Simple Water Play Ideas for Kids

We can never get enough simple water play in over here at my house.  In the hot and warm months we spend our water play outside but even in the cold months the bath tub is a fun place to play.  Most of our

Button Water Play

The hot weather here makes water play the perfect afternoon activity.  Setting out a fun water bin in the afternoon keeps the kids cool while playing.  They can never get enough water play in the summer months.  This afternoon I set them up with

My Little Washing Station

    I have a confession to make…ever since giving birth to my daughter I have been stupidly excited about buying her first My Little Pony. In fact I’m kicking myself that I didn’t save any of my own. I remember spending many happy

Easiest Water Wall Ever

My kids love simple water play.  I do too because they can stay cool and enjoy playing outside when it is hot.  We had a really fun water wall and I took it down.  I was going to move it and work on it

Rose Petal Water Play

Once Spring arrives, the kids are always ready to start back to water play outside.  Water bins are one of our favorite ways to play outside when the weather is right!   Water play always seems to be a hit with my multi-aged kids.

Gross Motor Water Play Ball Toss

  My kids love to throw the ball around.  It seems to be more fun in the house even though they know it is not allowed, lol.  So this afternoon I set them up a gross motor activity tossing the ball OUTSIDE. Now everyone