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10 Water Play Activities Kids Love

    It is time for another 10 Things Kids Love.   With the weather warming up I deiced to put together 10 water play ideas we love.  We love water play.  It is a great sensory activity and great for multi-aged kids.  Water play has

Octopus Water Sensory Bin

We love water play at my house.  It was one of the first activities my 2 oldest started enjoying together at a young age.  As they have gotten older they still love it.  Now we have to include baby brother in water playtime.  I

DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer

So I have been seeing water walls all over pinterest since I logged in over there about 1.5 yr ago.  They always look like fun.  So this year I decided as part of our summer bucket list we would make our own.  One day while in Lowes for another

Tub of balls and bowls-water play

 We play outside with water a lot during the hot seasons and it is getting hot here.  We had been outside with some bowls of water this week and I kept having to come back in and fill them up every time they dumped

Spider-Man Water Bin

In the USA we are getting ready for our big 4th of July celebration coming up this week.  Our country flag is red, white, and blue.  So for the holiday I often set up play activities for the kids with that color scheme.  We

Star Wars Ice and Water Bin

At the end of last year my boys became more familiar with Star Wars.  Ever since, they have grown more and more in love with the characters from the classic movies and newer ones too.  At the top of their Christmas list were Star Wars toys.

Sight Word Water Blast

Last summer I set out to introduce sight words to my 4yr old.  I wanted to make sight words fun and exciting.  We found many ways to add sight words to our everyday play.  This Sight Word Blast learning activity was just one way

Fruit salad pool-water play

On a hot afternoon I love to set up a water play activity for the kids. Letting them have fun and stay cool at all the same time.  This day I had an idea for a fun Fruit Salad Pool for water play. Water

Color Sort Water Bin or Table Play

Color Sorting, this weeks theme in our Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play For Kids Series with Sugar Aunts. We have been bringing you a new water bin idea each Monday for the month of July.  If you have missed our past ones be sure to stop by

Swamp Water Bin~water play for kids

We are really excited about this weeks theme in our Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play For Kids Series with Sugar Aunts.  We have yet to play in anything Swamp themed.  So this was fun and new to us.  We used items we already had

Beach Luau Water Bin- Sensory Play For kids

      So in case you missed it last week we have teamed up with Sugar Aunts to bring you a fun series Play The Summer Away: water bin play for kids.  If you would like to read what a water bin is and pin or bookmark

20 Water Bin Play Activities For Kids

Excited to be teaming up with Sugar Aunts to bring you Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play For Kids.  5 fun weeks of water play ideas for you and me.  Can not wait to see what Sugar aunts Shares.  This is the homepage for the