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Snowman Craft for Kids

I love making snowman crafts with my kid’s during the winter months.  It gives us something fun to do and we get to decorate our art all with winter themed  projects.  The snowman craft is easy to make and so cute too.  All 3

Two Ingredient Frozen Dough Recipe

It is time to kick off a new year of 12 months sensory dough series hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures!  This month we start off with frozen dough.  And I am not talking the Disney movie Frozen but literally frozen playdough.  This Two Ingredient Frozen

Handprint Mittens

   I was worried this craft, Handprint Mittens, was too simple and had second thoughts about doing it.  However, I truly love how they turned out.  A fun keepsake art for me and, the kids love that their hands are “in mittens” on the

The Ultimate Christmas Book List for Ages 2-6

We love books. And holiday books for some reason, always seem extra special.  Over the last few years we have been working on a Christmas book collection.  This year we had enough books to make a Book Advent Calendar out of them.  We still have many

10 Snowman Activities For The Kids

I just adore the cute holiday snowman.  It is one of my favorite Christmas and winter holiday decorations.  I love finding fun activities and crafts for me and the kids to do with a snowman theme.  We have tried several already.  This year we have set out to try

Snowman Busy Bag

      I love to find fun, busy activities for the kids.  These busy bag activities come in handy when I need to cook, fold clothes, help another one with homework… With the cold weather the last few days, Winter has been on my mind.  And

Bubbling Pine Cone Science

 Excited to be joining STEM Saturday!  Each week I aim to bring you a new STEM activity for you and the kids to try out.  The amazing thing is we will also get inspiration from the amazing ideas my fellow co-host share too.  See their

Penguin Snow Globe Craft for Kids

Penguins and snowmen are 2 of my favorite winter themes to use in crafts and activities with the kids.  We had not done a penguin craft in a while so we set out to make a new one this year.  The penguin snow globe

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough

Last winter we bought hot chocolate at the store to try with the kids.  Well I do not know about you but my kids are picky!  They did not like the hot chocolate at all.  I drank as much of it by myself that

Edible Frosting Playdough

Can you believe we have made it to the end of the year!  Or almost, but for 12 Months of Sensory Dough this is the end of the year for us today. I have had a blast sharing new play recipes each month.  This

Alphabet Sort and Fine Motor Skills

I have been thinking of ideas for a fun and easy alphabet activity for the kids.  I love to find easy ways to help make learning fun for the kids.  This alphabet sort and fine motor skills activity is just that, fun and easy.

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

  I was so excited to hear about  a brand new line of craft supplies for Target called Creatify™!  Just another great reason for me to go to one of my favorite stores.  My husband already hates I take the first 10-15 minutes we are in this

Pom Pom Pine Cone Art

Can you believe I have had these pine cones for a few years now!  Big brother and I made them about 3+yrs ago.  I pack them up each year with our winter stuff and get them back out the following year.  They have been