Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment


I wanted to introduce a little learning fun to my boys and this simple science experiment seemed like a great idea.  It is easy to set up and has noticeable results.  Even the little kids that I have (a 2 yr and 4 yr) had a lot of fun trying this out.  My tot would keeping asking to check on the experiment throughout the day with a smile on his face.  I would say that the celery and food coloring scenic experiment was a hit at my house.


Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment

Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment


Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment
What you need:  

celery, food coloring, cups of water.

What to do:  

Add food coloring to glass of water and then add the celery to the glass.  Now you let the celery sit in the glass for several hours.  We checked ours every 2-3 hrs to see if there was a change.  About 3-4 hours in you could see the color had traveled through the celery.  My son thought this was so neat and so did mommy. 

Before we started, I asked the boys what they thought would happen and they had no guesses.  Once they were able to start seeing the color in the celery I explained to them what was happening.

 Adding food coloring.
Adding celery.
What they looked like by the end of about 8 hrs.

This is great way to explain to the kids how water travels up a tree or plant to feed it.  This experiment helps them see what happens when we water plants.  My kids really enjoyed this experiment and we hope you and your kids can enjoy it too.

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