Cereal Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

My kids love cereal.  We buy many boxes of it and most of the time it is eaten up pretty quickly.  There are times though that it does not make it until it starts to go stale.  Since I hate to throw things away I started thinking of what we might do with the leftover stale cereal.  My mind went to our Cereal Spring Flower Craft.  We could use this cereal and put a Christmas spin on it.  I could not wait to see how the kids project would turn out.

Cereal Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

What we used:

cereal, sharpies, glue, and paper.

What to do:
I hand drew a Christmas tree on the paper.  I am not an artist so I just did the best I could.  You can probably print out a Christmas tree coloring page and use it too.  I set out the cereal and the glue for the kids.

There was no arguing to get the glue out.  I did have to remind them to keep it in dots and helped my toddler a little.  He did get to make a mess with glue on another piece of paper after we made his tree.

He could not wait to touch the glue dots, lol.   Then he added the cereal all over the tree.  

Both my 2 yr and 5 yr made a Christmas tree craft.

Now we had a few colorful trees to hang up in the house.  They are currently on the door waiting to make it over to the art wall when the pumpkins come down. 

Maybe you and the kids can enjoy this craft too.

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