Chalk cakes

We play with chalk a lot over here. Sometimes we make it and other times it is store bought.  Either way its all fun.  This is one of the things my son came up with to do with chalk, make chalk cakes.  These activities are so much more fun for me when he makes it up as we go.  So what I did was draw a cake for him and he frosted it;-) Colored with chalk over it!  We had lots of fun.  I do not have lots of pictures.  Some days we just have fun without having to carry the camera with us.  This was one of those days.  Hope you and your family can have fun drawing cakes too.

Maybe we will get some new pictures soon!
Please do come and visit us again. We would love to have you back:-)
All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!

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