Cheerios Bird Feeder Ornaments

We love making bird feeders.  You can read 10 Ways to Make Bird Feeders HERE.  Getting out in nature and bird watching is one of our favorite past times.  My grandfather loved bird watching and so does my dad.  Passing that love of birds down to my kids is an honor.  I love to see the excitement in my children’s eyes when the birds come up to the feeders to eat.  At my toddlers request we have even sat a bowl of birdseed out on the porch and watched the birds come up from inside the house.  He just cannot get enough of these fascinating creatures.  He even loves playing in birdseed as we have in our Bird Seed Sensory Bin and Wheelbarrow Bird Seed Sensory Bin.  These Cheerios Bird feeders had been on my list to try and with Christmas around the corner I thought they would also make great outside Christmas Ornaments for our cypress tree.

 Cheerios Bird Feeder Ornaments

Cheerios Bird Feeder Ornaments


Supplies/What we used:

cheerios in a bowl


multi colored pipe cleaners




The kids could not wait to play in the cheerios.   They also wanted to know why I tied yarn to the center of the pipe cleaners.  I did this for us to have away to hang them up after.  You can probably do this at the end but this worked for us.


This is not just fun it is also great for fine motor skills practice for the kids.  Stringing multiple cereal pieces on the pipe cleaners works lots of little hand muscles they need for holding pencils and scissors. 

Big brother above stringing away on the cheerios ornament. It is a perfect way to decorate outside for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  And, of course, to feed the birds still hanging around in the colder months.  I love that he had on his Artwork T-shirt they made off our Summer Bucket List this year.


Once they strung each half of the pipe cleaner I twisted the ends together and molded them into fun shapes.  Now we are able to practice our shapes too from this one activity together.  Also going over the color of the pipe cleaners and yarn are easy to add to this fun project.  

bird feeder

I love how they turned out but I enjoyed the family time we spent together more.  Not pictured are daddy and baby brother who sat and talked with us while we made these bird feeders to hang as Christmas ornaments outside.

DIY bird feeder

I think they brought a little color and fun to the tree outside.  I also love that my 2 yr hung his up through the fence because that is where he could reach and hang it independently. 

This was a fun way to learn, spend family time, get out in nature, and just have fun.  Maybe you and your kids can enjoy this too.
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