Cheese Drop Biscuits

It is time for F is for Flour in the A-Z Cooking Series.  What better than to make biscuits.  We are a fun loving southern family and we eat a lot of biscuits.  I once told someone I knew how to make really good homemade biscuits.  My oldest overheard and was surprised.  Probably because he had never seen me do it.  Before I had kids I cooked all sorts of things. Now only a few things. This series has been just the push I needed to get back in the kitchen with the kids.  We also live in the US, so for reference, a biscuit to us is a scone to our UK friends.  And their biscuits are cookies to us.



Cheese Drop Biscuits



Cheese Drop Biscuits



What we used/ ingredients:






flour- self rising (white lilly is my favorite)


measuring cups


mixing bowls

how to make drop biscuits with kids


How to make/ what we did:


Add 2 cups of flour to a mixing bowl.  You need soft butter so leave the stick out until soft before you start.  Add 1/3 cup of butter to flour.  Mix with your hands real well.  Now add 1 cup of buttermilk.  Mix with a spoon.  You do not want the mix to be too wet.  Add more flour if you need to.  After mixing I added a little flour until it was just right.  The kids asked how did I know.  I told them once you have made them enough you just do.




Now add shredded cheese if you like.  I do but the kids wanted plain.  I left some plain and we added cheese to the rest.  I place foil on pan and then scoop the dough or drop it on the pan.   Have the oven preheated to 405 degrees.  Bake for 15 minutes or until done.  Now add butter and eat!




cheese biscuits

Cheese Drop Biscuits Cooking with Kids

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Items we like to keep in the kitchen:

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