Cherry Rose Clean Mud

Ok, so if you follow along with the play ideas I share on FSPDT, you know I have a thing for clean mud.  The name just sounds awesome and still messy. I played in the mud often growing up.  A little messy play is always good for us. Or so I think.  The great thing about clean mud is that is has no real mud.  This gives people that do not play in dirt a chance for some messy and clean(if you want to call it that) fun.  We have made rainbow clean mud, pumpkin spice clean mud, apple clean mud, and spider-man clean mud.  Today we are sharing our Cherry Rose Clean Mud with you all.  We hope you can have some fun with this too.






Cherry Rose Clean Mud


how to make clean mud

What we used / supply list:

paper towels- I usually use toilet paper but I did not have any dollar tree toilet paper on hand. But I did have a cheap roll of paper towel and used it.


purple and red crayola paint


rose essential oil


cherry soap




mixing bin or bowl


cups, tray, plastic bowl and cups for playtime


clean mud


How to make or, what I did:


Take your paper towel and rip into pieces.  If the kids are up for ripping paper towels it is a great way to work on fine motor skills.  If not, mommy rips up paper towels while they play with daddy.  I used maybe a fourth of a roll of paper towel.  I then squeezed in cherry dish soap (just a little) and mixed with my hands.  Now add a little water at a time until it sticks together.






I split this into 2 piles.  I squeeze a little red paint in one pile and a little purple paint in the other pile.  I mix them up one at a time.  I use this type of paint because it is washable.  We have never had any problems with staining from it. Oh wait,  I added a little rose essential oil when I added the cherry soap.  Once the cherry rose clean mud is mixed up set it out for the kids to play.

cherry rose clean mud

This is a great DIY sensory play recipe.  Easy to make and inexpensive.  Except for the rose oil I bet you have everything you need on hand to make this now.  I love finding what we have on hand and putting it to use for playtime.  Fun hands-on sensory play activity for multiple ages.  My kids are 2, 3, and 6yr and all played with the cherry rose clean mud.



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