Chick Handprint Art

We love trying out new print art for each holiday.  With Easter right around the corner we decided to try the classic handprint chicks this year.  I love print art because I can do it with my multiaged kids and I get a keepsake out of it.  One day I will look back at these little prints and remember the fun times we had.   This is a quick craft to make with the kids too.  So if you have a class full of kids you can get it done in a timely manner and have a great class or home decoration for Easter.

Chick handprint Art for kids




Chick Handprint Art



What we used/ supplies:


yellow crayola paint


paper plate


white, green, and orange paper




How to make/ what we did:


Take and pour paint onto a plate.  Now take the kids hand and dip it in the plate.  Last press against paper.  I often prefer to paint the kids hands with my finger but we already had paint and plates out just painting so we used what we had out.  Leave the handprints to dry for an hour or so.  Come back and use the sharpies to add a beak, eyes, and feet.

chick handprint

Now we have fun chick handprint art to hang on our art wall.  The kids have come to know what holiday it is by what we hang on our art wall.  It is also nice to enjoy their arts and crafts as decoration in the house.  I am trying to love these little things like handprint art while I can.


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