Chick Rocket

Can you make a rocket out of an Easter Egg Chick? We deiced to put the theory to the test.  We recently tried the alka-seltzer rockets and my kids love them.  When looking at our Easter chick eggs I wondered if we could turn them into rockets.  I figured we had nothing to loose to try it out.  Even if it did not work the kids would learn that not all experiments go as planned and some yield results we do not want.  So we set out to see if we could make our chick a rocket.


Chick Rocket


Chick Rocket




What we used/ supplies:




chick eggs









What we did:


We started by adding a little tape to the hole in the bottom of the chick egg.  Next, we poured a small amount of water in it.  Then the kids added the alka-seltzer.  They tried a half and a hole piece to see if anything different happened.




We found that we could make the chick pop open but it would not shoot high in the air.  We could not get enough pressure in the chick to give us that huge air flying rocket we got with our film canisters.  However, watching the chick pop open was fun to the kids.  All three of them got to try the experiment.




So can you turn a chick egg into a rocket? No, but you can make their heads pop off.  We learned that without the right situation you can not get enough pressure to create a high flying rock like with the canisters.  We also learned to think outside the box and try new things.  You never know until you try and sometimes we find new ways to have fun and learn even if they are not what we intended.



Now what can we try next? We hope you come back and see what we get into next time.



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