Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft

What a fun challenge to make a chicken craft.  And to make it represent you or your country…  We took this challenge from MollyMoo.  Here is what we came up with.
Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft

I have been trying to think of what the kids and I could make for our “hen” craft together.  Nothing much came to mind.  Then one day while getting out paper plates for another craft and coming across these foam pieces that looked like chicken feet, I knew what we would create.  A USA themed paper plate chicken craft.  I was so excited to get to working on them with the kids.
Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft
I love to gather and prep for a craft or activity when I can before I get the kids involved.  I have very busy boys, so to make them sit down while I cut out paper and search for googly eyes would be tougherher for them and me,ha.  They always want to know are you ready, what are we doing, can I help…  So when I can I get everything ready.  This day was a day my oldest had school so I prepped while he was gone and one napped. I went ahead and made my chicken.  This way they had an example of what we were making when we got ready to do theirs.
Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft
What you need
paper plate, paint, glitter, construction paper, feathers, googly eyes, glue, we had foam pieces that made perfect feet but you can cut these from paper as well. 
What to do
Cut out beaks.  Paint the plate and add glitter, let dry.  Once dry add eyes, beak, feather, and feet with glue.  Let dry again.  Once dry you will have a fun hen to look at!
Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft
We went with a red, white, and blue theme to represent our country USA.  This craft can also be fun for Memorial day or Fourth of July.  We have ours hanging up and I think they will probably be there till after the fourth,lol.  My boys love them and have to tell everyone that comes over about them.
Chicken/Hen Paper Plate Craft
As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this too.
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