Christmas bath with peppermint ice cubes

We love tub time fun at our house.  I like to keep it simple.  This makes it easy for me to prep and clean up.  This is key for me with 3 young children.  In our 10 Christmas Ideas Kids Love you will find a fun Christmas bath from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  I knew we had to do one too.  We did a easy Halloween bath and I hoped to do more Holiday type ones after that.  So here is what I came up with for our Christmas bath.

My oldest has been on a candy cane thing lately.  With this in mind I thought we could do a peppermint/candy cane bath theme.

What we used and did: 

Christmas bath with peppermint ice cubes

Colored & scented ice is always a hit in the tub with my kids.  With this in mind I made peppermint colored ice for their bath.  I just added food coloring and peppermint extract to the water before freezing.  We had window clings that I put in the tub for decorations and they can be played with.  I also added some plastic candy canes we got from dollar tree for our Christmas sensory bin. 

 Last, I let the boys share a candy cane when they got in the tub.  They just loved their bath and we have done this a few more times since.  We hope you may have some tub time fun too.

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