Cloud Dough Transportation Sensory Bin

We first made cloud dough fall 2011.  And my son LOVED this sensory play recipe!!  We have sense played it in many times.  It keeps well in a rubbermaid box.  We store it and get it out over and over again.  Always just as much fun as the first time. In time he has spilled it here and there so it was time to make a new batch.  Here is what we did to make our Cloud Dough and how we played.  Today he wanted a cloud dough transportation sensory bin. 

Cloud Dough Transportation Sensory Bin

Cloud Dough Transportation Sensory Bin

Supplies/what we used:  

I bought flour on sale during Christmas and put it up for activities like this.  I like to be cheap when I can.  The baby oil we have had since big brother was born and never used. So we found a way to use it finally.

How to make/ what we did:
This play recipe is so easy that the kids can make it.  I was there to help but he did great.  Take 8 cups flour and 1 cup oil.  Mix well and then play!
Update:Some people say not to use baby oil so I would suggest trying another type oil.  We have since made it with cooking oil and it is still great.)
With my kids we must have the cars and trucks in almost everything we do.  This turned out to be a fun transportation themed sensory bin. You can mold this substance.  Can you see his rocks we made by his hands.
Another great sensory play substance.  The texture is fun and the smell is great.

This is our other container of cloud dough with more toys. He had them both out!

You could use your imagination and play with cloud dough all different ways. We always have fun and make a mess when we play with our cloud dough!  We most often play with it outside but we have tried it inside too.  I think clean up it easier outside. 

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