Color Mixing with Paint

Painting is such a fun activity.  My kids love when they see the paint come out.  Painting is a fun way to spend an afternoon with the kids as I enjoy painting with them too sometimes.  This day we set out to paint and color mix all at once.  A fun and simple afternoon activity for the kids.
Color Mixing with Paint

 Color Mixing with Paint

What we used:
Finger paint
paint brushes
What we did:
I put the cardstock in a tray.  Then added paint drops of multiple colors to the paper.  I gave the kids the trays and paint brushes.  Then they started painting, mixing the colors as they painted.

This was a process art project for them.  I wanted to let them just have fun.  They painted a few masterpieces and then off to running and jumping around the yard.

I love the bright colors and swirls and brush strokes of their paintings.  A fun way to mix up our outside time by color mixing paints on paper.  Also, a great way to let them explore colors.

Now what to paint next?  We hope you can have some painting fun too. I am sure you all have many wonderful painting ideas.  Feel free to leave your favorites in the comment section below.

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