Color Sort Activity for Kids

I love finding simple activities that keep my kids busy.  Sometimes you just need a few minutes to put the clothes up, wash the juice cup, or maybe run to the bathroom.  If I can find something fun for the kids it buys me a few minutes to get something done.  This color sort activity for kids is easy and cheap to recreate.  I picked up these supplies at the dollar tree one day and stashed them for the perfect moment I need to occupy the kids.  All 3 of my kids enjoy this activity.





color sort activity for kids


Color Sort Activity for Kids



Supplies/what I used:


multi colored playdough


pencil grips




How to set up/ what I did:


I grabbed a tray out and sat all the playdough on it.  I then opened the packs of pencil grips and placed them on the tray too.  Next I sat it out for the kids to play and learn with.




The colors of the pencil grips and playdough matched perfect.  The kids got to work on fine motor skills during this activity.  Fun sensory play with the playdough.


color sort activity


My kids are 2, 4, and 6yr.  They all had fun with this.

learning activity for kids

The color sorted, connected, stacked, and counted with the playdough and pencil grips.  Lots of ways to play and learn with only 2 items.

learning with pencil grips


Once they were finished playing with it I put all the playdough back in their containers.  We put all the supplies down in a gallon ziploc bag and stored for another day.  Now we have a busy bag ready and waiting.


busy bag for kids



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