Color Sort Water Bin or Table Play

Color Sorting, this weeks theme in our Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play For Kids Series with Sugar Aunts. We have been bringing you a new water bin idea each Monday for the month of July.  If you have missed our past ones be sure to stop by the home page here to see all of the ideas in one spot.  Since this is our LAST week you will now find 10 water play ideas in that one post!!

Color sorting is something we do not do enough of.  Big brother 4.5yr does great with almost all his colors.  The ones like grey and brown he might get stumped on at times but that’s because we often go over primary colors only.  Little brother 2 yr has picked up on a few colors while listening to me and big brother talk about them.  We are now trying to work more on them with little brother so he can get them down.  This activity was perfect for him.


Color Sort Water Bin or Table Play


Supplies/What we used:  
water table ( this is to show that you can use the water table just as you would a “water bin”)
color tablets for the bath tub(we buy at Walmart)
colored toys and balls
lemonade mix(this was on its way to the trash so why not play with it)
What we did:
I filled the water table with water.  I added color tablets to each side to make blue and green water.  I gathered blue and green toys and balls.  I set everything out and had the kids come out.
I went over the colors with the kids and told them what color sorting was and how we did it.  Big brother jumped right in and started sorting away.  Little brother was fixed on getting the lemonade mix out and scooping it in the water.  However, he did tell me and big brother that the blue truck went on the green side because it also had green on it. We couldn’t argue with him on that,lol.  
After going over colors I let the kids just explore and learn on their own.  I enjoyed watching them as they scooped the lemonade mix out and scooped and poured their water.  It was so hot that afternoon.  We dumped the water table out and they got in their plastic pool.  We did have fun learning colors through water play and I can see us doing this again soon.  Now, head on over to Sugar Aunts to see what they did with this weeks theme. I know I can’t wait to see how they played this week.
We have a Water Bin and Water Table pin board set up just for you to help you find fun ideas from around the web and to help you keep up with the Water Bin Series.  
We have loved teaming up with Sugar Aunts.  They have a wonderful blog and they are so easy to work with.  We hope to be able to team up again in the future to bring you more fun ideas. 
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