Simple Craft Stick Color Sort


I love to find simple and fun ways to add learning to our days.  This craft stick color sort is just that simple and fun.  I used things I had on hand and set up a a tray and invited my younger kids to come play.  They both had a lot of fun playing with the craft sticks.  We started out sorting them and then I left them to continue playing as they wished, giving them the chance to do what they wanted with extended playtime.



simple DIY craft stick color sort activity idea for kids

Simple Craft Stick Color Sort

color sort



Supplies/what we used:


multi-colored craft sticks or Popsicle sticks


plastic tray


plastic cups from IKEA





How to play:

Place colored craft sticks on a tray along with the colored cups.  You might can find colored paper cups if you do not have the colored plastic cups that we used. Now call the kids over to give the color sort activity a try.



simple color sort for kids


The kids started grabbing craft sticks and I explained we wanted to put them in the cup with the same color.  Once all the craft sticks were in there right cup the kids dumped them out and tried it again.

simple craft stick color sort

After they did it again we stopped and counted how many craft sticks were in each cup.  You can add in addition or subtraction with the craft sticks if you wish.  I asked my son to add the green and purple craft sticks together and see what number we got.  Once we did these few learning activities I left the kids to play with the craft sticks and cups.  A simple but fun learning activity for the kids.



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