Color Yellow Sensory Bin For Baby, Toddler, and Up

 Sometimes I don’t stop to think that little brother doesn’t know all of his colors like big brother even though we go over colors often no matter what we are doing. We even call out the color of trucks as they pass when in the car.  I don’t just go over a single color with him like I did with big brother.  So this day I decided to go over just the color yellow with him in a simple color sensory toy bin.  These are great for our sense of sight and touch. My favorite saying “simple isn’t boring” comes to mind for this bin.  Yes it is simple but the kids loved it.


Color Yellow Sensory bin for baby/toddler

Color Yellow Sensory Bin For Baby, Toddler, and Up

Color Yellow Sensory bin for baby/toddler

What I used:

yellow toys

medium to large plastic bowl

What I did:

You can do this 2 ways:  collect the toys yourself or send the kids through the house to find yellow toys.  The second choice is great for the older kids.  Last, set the bin out and talk about the color of the toys with the kids.  We didn’t just go over the color yellow but we went over each toy talking about what it was.  This is great to help younger kids learn words and objects too.

Color Yellow Sensory bin for baby/toddler

Little brother just loved that I made him his own bin to play and learn from.  Of course big brother was right there to help teach him.  He would tell him the colors and what the toys were too.  Such a good big brother.

Color Yellow Sensory bin for baby/toddler
Later that day we showed baby brother the toys in the bin and let him hold some. Of course he tasted a few.  We told him what they were and what color.  They are never too young right,lol.  Since he has 2 older brothers he wants to be included in their fun too.  This simple color yellow sensory bin was great for all 3 of my boys ages 4yr, 2yr, and 7 mo.  I can see us doing many more of these bins in the future.
As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this idea too.

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