colored ice cubes in the tub

When I saw this idea I loved it.  Put food coloring & water in ice cube tray and freeze.  How simple is that.  Having  a 3yr and an 11 mo old that I bath at the same time it is hard to add fun stuff for both of them.  But with this they both can have fun in the tub.
I got this idea from

colored ice cubes in the tub

 Both boys loved trying to catch and keep a hold of the ice cubes.  I had a big bottle of yellow food coloring I have been wanting to use up, so I only used one color but you could do all different colors…  I only wished I had made 2 trays so after the first ones melted I could have added the second tray.  I know I will be doing this again for the boys.

 My tot, of course he had to taste the ice cube! 

They loved these ice cubes and we have found different ways to have fun with them.

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