Colored Water- water play party for kids

Since I had my first son 3 yrs ago, we have been playing with water in the spring, summer, and fall in some way or another.  Its always fun.  And on these hot GA days, what better way to cool off than to get wet!! We did another water play several weeks back with bowls of water and painting with water and the boys had fun with it.  Today the boys had fun too.  Big brother 3yr enjoyed pouring out the water more than little brother 1yr.  I can see us doing this again in the future.

color mixing water play for kids


Colored Water- water play party for kids


What you need: 

empty bottles




food coloring

What to do: 

fill bottles with water and add food coloring. The colored water is a great way to go over colors with young kids. Last let the kids have fun!

My son when he noticed what I had been doing in the sink.  He was playing and probably thought I was washing dishes.  He was telling me which bottles he could pour and which ones he could squirt.

Some water toys we have, I added them to the pool for the boys.

Big brother squirting the water out!

Big brother pouring the water out! Great for motor skills.  Mixing the different colored water together made for a great color mixing activity. 

Little brother =my half asleep baby on the left!

Big brother ended his water play with cleaning his playhouse.

Loves his smiles, it make its all worth it!!!!

Colored Water- water play party for kids


Wow, all you need is some colored water to have a great water party with the kids.
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