Cookie Dough Squares

We love cookie dough!  Does anyone else find themselves wanting to just eat the dough when they make cookies. Well, maybe its just me.  Since I know eating the raw egg in the cookie dough is not the best, I often limit myself to one quick test to make sure the dough is ready.  When scanning my fb page one day I came across Family. com cookie dough recipe with no eggs.  This stuff was meant to eat by the spoonfuls!  I couldn’t wait to try it.  And a year later we still enjoy making a batch of it as a special treat.  Its fun to make with the kids and no guilt for letting them eat it.  Well, not too much guilt.
Cookie Dough Squares

Cookie Dough Squares


What we used:

1 c soft butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

chocolate chips

1. c brown sugar

2 c flour

We just pour chocolate chips till we are happy


What we did:

Mix it all together and spread out in a pan lined with wax paper.    Add extra sprinkle and chocolate chips if wanted. Refrigerate for 30 min and then cut into squares and eat.

We love making new and old treats over here.  Since we try to limit our sweets, we often gift half of what we make to our family and friends.  We love to share.
cookie dough squares

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