Corn Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table

I can’t think of Fall and not think of corn.  We have two farms we love to visit in the fall and both of them have a corn box which is like a giant sandbox.  My boys have checked them out but usually decided not to get in because there are too many kids in one spot.  I have been wanting to make them a sensory bin or table for a few years now.  This way they can play without being crowded.  This year I finally got around to it.  It was a big hit and very messy.
 corn sensory table for Fall

Corn Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table


What we used:

I had come across bags of corn at a local feed store a few months ago when buying some bird feeders.  I went back and got two bags of corn.  I used about 3/4 of a bag.  I got out 2 cups, 2 scoops, 2 tractors, and these little plastic pumpkins (I am pretty cheap but I found these at Big Lots and got them and acorns, and leaves for $4 each!!)  But I hope to use them for years to come. We have been having fun with them.

What we did:
I filled both sides of the water table with corn.  I just covered the bottom.  I didnt feel I needed to fill it to the top.  I wanted to leave room for them to play. I placed the tractors, pumpkins, cups, and scoops (got these at target) in as well.  Now the eager boys rushed over to play.
They started out by touching the corn.  My oldest then filled the funnel and watched it dump back out.  This is great hands on play for kids.  They learn about texture, color, shapes, smells…  We are always learning more than I even realize just by playing.  I love that we can learn through play.
The slide attachment seems to always come back out.  They put it on and started scooping corn up to it and watching it fall down.
My toddler did get carried away and started throwing the corn EVERYWHERE.  So be warned this can be messy.  At least a quick sweep helped out and the squirrels I am sure will clean up the rest.  You can do this out in the yard and I don’t see that any clean up would be needed.  
This wraps up our 4 fall sensory tables for you (for now).  We really had a lot of fun playing in each and everyone of these.  We hope you and the kids can too.
Corn Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table
Sensory bins and table pin board just for you HERE

Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop:

 corn sensory table for Fall

Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough

Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough- Sensory Play by FSPDT

Pumpkin Soup

Bird Seed- Fall Sensory Table 

Fall Sensory Table

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