Craft Stick Monsters

We have been crafting up a storm over here for Halloween. I get so excited about fall holidays and I love to craft with the kids.  So we have been having fun making Halloween crafts since Halloween is approaching fast.  We actually made these weeks ago but I am just getting around to sharing them.  It rained for weeks here and we did lots of crafts when we could not get outside. The kids love these craft stick monsters.  They are also great as stick puppets for playtime.


craft stick monsters

Craft Stick Monsters




Supplies/what we used:


orange, green,  and purple paint


paint brushes


googly eyes




How to make:


Let the kids paint the craft sticks.  Leave to dry.  Once dry, grab the googly eyes.  We glued ours on the first time.  Later I found that using the dot Velcros was better.  Better for us because baby brother kept taking the eyes off, lol. Last take  some Sharpies and draw on hair, mouth…



craft stick monsters


This was a cheap and easy craft for the kids.  Not a lot of fuss but they love these craft stick monsters.

craft stick monster craft for kids



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