Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup

Before kids, I worked all the time and did not cook often.  When I had my first son and became a stay at home mom, I cooked all the time.  Now with 3 kids I do not cook a lot.  We eat lots of sandwiches, fruit, and yes, I will admit, take out.  One thing I have used throughout the years is my crock pot.  It was perfect to load up with yummy food when I worked and come home to dinner ready.  It came in handy to try new meals when I just had one kid. Now it is one of the few ways I cook at my house while I chase the kids around and do homework and laundry.
This recipe for Lentil and Sausage Soup is one of my go to recipes. It is quick and easy and 4 out of 5 family members eat it.  That is a win at my house.
Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup on FSPDT

  Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup 

Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup
What I used:
bag of green lentils
frozen carrots
fresh gold potatoes
chicken broth
soy sauce (This was back up.  I prefer Worcestershire sauce but was out)
garlic powder
beef sausage
Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup
What I did:
I added chicken broth to the crock pot.  I rinsed the lentils and then added them.  You want to make sure the beans are covered by broth.  If they are not add a little water.  Add frozen or fresh carrots and potatoes.  I then take and add garlic powder and soy sauce to the mix.  Cut up sausage and add that in too.  I wait until the soup is finished to add salt to each individuals bowl.  I cook on high for 6 hours or until beans are soft.
Crock Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup
Quick, easy, and yummy dinner.  I hope you and yours can enjoy this too.

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