Cupcake Liner Alien Craft

Each month Craftprojectideas announces a material of the month. This month is cupcake liners.  I could not wait to try our hand at cupcake liner crafts.
We got out the cupcake liners and set out to create a few kid friendly crafts with them.  This Alien Craft is one of the creations.
Cupcake Liner Alien Craft

Cupcake Liner Alien Craft

What we used:

small black foil cupcake liners

googly eyes- a mix of ours and ones given to us from craftprojectideas


red construction paper

white cardstock

Cupcake Liner Alien Craft

How to make:

Let the kids glue the cupcake liner on the paper.  Then let them add eyes, mouths, hair… Whatever they want to create their own unique Alien.

Cupcake Liner Alien Craft
Here is one of the Aliens created during craft time.  We also made Spotasaur the cupcake liner dinosaur this day.  He seemed to win out in popularity at my house.  We made more of the dinosaurs than we did the aliens.  However, they are both fun and easy to create with the kids.
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