Cupid Handprint Art


 Another day of print art!  I am really excited about this handprint art today.  I was trying to come up with an idea I had not seen.  I am sure someone has done it as it always seems everything has been done before at some point or time.  My idea was to take one of those cute Christmas angel handprints and turn it into a CUPID!  How can you have a week of print art for Valentine’s day and not have a cupid.  He is so cute and all about love.  Here is  our take on a Cupid Handprint Art project for Valentine’s Day.


Day 5 of We Heart Print Crafts brought to you by us and House of Burke!



cupid handprint art



 Cupid Handprint Art


cupid handprint art


What I used/ supplies:


purple paper


white, yellow, and beige paint




kid’s handprint and fingerprints

cupid handprint art for valentines day

 What to do/How to make:


Grab some purple paper and white paint to start.  Get a few paper towels and wipes out for the kid’s hands after making the print.  If you are close to a sink you can just wash their hand after.  I use my finger and dip it in the paint jar.  I take my finger and paint the kid’s hand.  This seems to give just the right amount of paint to the hand for a good print.  Have the kids press their hand down on the paper horizontally.  I left the print to dry.  The next day I used my finger to make a “face/head”.  I used beige paint and just made a circle.  I left it to dry.  When my son (3yr) got home that afternoon we added fingerprint hair with the yellow paint.  When dry I added a simple face and a bow and arrow with the sharpies.  


Now we had a super cute Cupid Handprint Art to hang on our Art Wall.  We are getting ready for Valentines’s Day now.  Our Art wall is covered in fun Valentine inspired print art.



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