Decorate Eggs with Watercolors

I have been trying to decide how we would decorate hard boiled eggs this year.  Since big brother is getting older he can now get more involved in the decorating process. Because of this I wanted to be able to let him try a few different ways to decorate the Easter eggs. Painting with watercolors is one we tried.  This was just right for him at 3yr. Watercolors are great because you get pretty eggs with no messy dye.

Decorate Eggs with Watercolors

                        Paint eggs with watercolors

Decorate Eggs with Watercolors

What you need:  


Paint brush

hard boiled eggs

cup of water

paper plate, egg carton, or ice cube tray to set the eggs on 

and maybe some wipes.

What to do: 

Put eggs on an ice cube tray (flipped upside down).  Give the kids watercolors and a small cup of water. Let them wet the paint brush and paint their egg.   

Little brother getting to try watercolor eggs for 
the first time this year 2014.
Decorate Eggs with Watercolors

I laid paper towels down to help control any mess that might be made.

Decorate Eggs with Watercolors
Little brother 3yr could not wait to paint his eggs.
Decorate Eggs with Watercolors

This is a fun way to let the kids create their own works of art on the eggs.  Give them the supplies and then let them take over.
I had a lot of fun watching him have so much fun with this easy activity.  In the end we had some cool looking eggs.

Decorating eggs with big brother in 2012. 

Paint eggs with watercolors
Paint eggs with watercolors
We got to enjoy decorating eggs with watercolors with both our older boys now.   Baby brother will have to wait one more year before we get him to join us at the table for egg decorating. We look forward to making more memories in the years to come.  Maybe you and your kids can enjoy Watercolor Eggs too.
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