Decorated Snowman Soap Bottles

After coming across these fun scented soaps my boys just had to have them, or so they thought.  I thought they would be better used as gifts for their teachers.  If we added a little decorating to them it would add to the fun of the soap.  I went with a snowman theme to decorate the bottles.  In the end we had Snowman Soap to give out.  I think this is perfect for teachers, caregivers, and even to keep at home to help get the kids excited about washing their hands. 
Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

Decorated Snowman Soap Bottles

Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

What I used:

sugar cookie scented soap from Target

white paper

colored sharpies



gift ribbon

hot glue gun

Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

What I did:

I cut white squares to fit front of soap containers.  Then the kids and I drew snowmen on to the white paper.  I laminated those snowmen in hopes that when the soap bottle gets wet, the sharpies will not run.  I used the hole punch to add holes to the snowmen.  I then took gift ribbon and tied the snowman card onto the soap bottle.  For added securing I used the hot glue gun and glued the ribbon together in the back.

Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

I had the kids create their own snowmen while I made a few.  I just love them so much I saved them to make our own decorated soap or hand sanitizer bottles.  

Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles
Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

Once the snowmen cards were added to the bottles, the gift was ready.  We know had snowmen soap. 

Snowman Decorated Soap Bottles

Thanks to googles auto awesome we have falling to snow to add to these already fun decorated soap bottles.  Perfect gift for teachers, caregivers, medical professional, parents….  We also made a few gift bags for  the soap gift as well.  Now all we had to do was give them out.  They were a big hit with my kid’s teachers.

Maybe you and the kids can have some fun with decorated soap too.

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