Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

We had a lot of fun playing with our coffee grounds last week.  I love to re-use and recycle anything we use to play with when we can.  Because of this with some help from some fab blogger: Nurture Store  and The Iowa Farmer’s Wife  I chose to make Mocha playdough to re-use some of our coffee grounds!
What I did was add 1 cup dried out coffee grounds that we had played in and some GLITTER for fun.  I also thought the glitter would help us remember “we don’t eat it.”  After making the playdough I now needed to set up a play theme for my son(3yr).  That is where Dino Land came from!!  I found little dinosaurs, wooden sticks, and a few sunflower seeds.  I took the playdough and flattened it out in a tray and then added the items.  After seeing how it would look for him I took the items off and covered the tray with press and seal. ( I made the playdough the night before so my son would be ready to go in the morning)  The next morning I managed to get the toy items back in the playdough before he noticed it.  Then I called him to see if he wanted to play.  He was super excited about it and sat down quickly to get started.  





Here is our day and how you can make your own Dino Land with glitter mocha playdough too.


What I used/ supplies:


White glitter playdough recipe plus coffee grounds and coco powder.  Little craft sticks, tray, sunflower seeds, and dinos.


What to do:

Make playdough first.  Then take a tray and flatten the playdough out in it.  Now take craft sticks and place them in playdough.  Add dinosaurs and seeds.  Playtime is ready!


Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

Glitter Mocha Playdough- one of my favorties now!

Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

Dino land is not just fun but a great sensory experience.  The cans can work on print making with the dinosaurs too.  

Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

I love how the glitter turned out.

He was stunned and then…

Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

Super excited!!!!!! Off to playing.  He liked the smell too.

Dino Land with mocha glitter playdough

Of course he had to add a few trucks.

Big brother playing and little brother at least got a stick off the tray.

He played with this off and on all day and I had to drag him away to go out. 

What he ended up with at the end of play time.  I just covered it that day with press and seal but that night we put it in a Tupperware bowl to keep it.  I chose the chocolate play and not just the coffee playdough to make because I know the recipe for the chocolate one keeps well.  We have peppermint glitter playdough from Christmas in a ziploc bag that can still be played with.   Hope you and your family may have some Dino Land fun too.
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