Dinosaur Paintings

Today’s theme for Play, Craft, and Learn with Dinosaurs is Arts and Crafts.  Since my children are big fans of paint, I did not have to think long on what we would do for this activity.  Dinosaur Painting was the perfect afternoon activity for my boys.  Once they knew we were going to paint they could not wait to get started.
Dinosaur Paintings

Dinosaur Painting is a fun way to let the kids explore with sight and touch. Painting is a great way to show self expression and use your imagination.  Two things my kids enjoy when it comes to art.
Dinosaur Paintings

What we used:

plastic dinosaurs

crayola washable paints

star ice cube tray

large construction paper

paint smocks

Dinosaur Paintings

What we did:

To explore painting in a new way (for us) we chose to use the plastic toy dinosaurs as our paint brush.  This is definitely process art ie)letting the kids have supplies and determining the outcome of the finished project.  Product art is having a desired outcome for a project and helping the children achieve that.

Dinosaur Paintings

The ice cube mold came in handy to set out multiple colors for the 2 children to paint.

Dinosaur Paintings

The dinosaurs were dipped in the mold and then pressed, stomped, walked… across the paper.  Whatever the imagination came up with the kids did.

Dinosaur Paintings

A little messy but not enough to keep this from being a low key activity.  Playing with their toys in the floor requires more clean up than this art project.  They actually sat pretty quiet for over 20 minutes painting!  It gave me more time to chase baby brother around the house who know loves to climb and get into everything, lol.

Dinosaur Paintings

I love the paint colors against the black paper.  We saved these paintings and used them for an up coming project.  

Little brother made it longer than I thought before he had his entire hands covered in paint and started making handprints.  This is one of his favorite things to do with paint.

Dinosaur Paintings

Little brother finished painting before big brother.  He sat a little longer playing and painting with the dinosaurs.  

Success, and afternoon activity that kept them busy.  Great for sensory exploration.  Perfect for color recognition.  Worked on fine motor skills.  Great way to use their imagination and be able to express themselves.

Dinosaur Paintings
“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” 
― Pablo Picasso
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