Dirt and/or Mud Sensory Box

 My kids love dirt and mud as I think most kids do.  My oldest loves to play out in the yard in the mud.   Our mud, mud, mud! post shows this.  We have been having a problem with ants so I had to come up with another way for my son to play.  We tried Coffee Mud inside and though my son had so much fun with this, it still was not dirt.  I then thought I could make him a “dirt box” like so many other sensory boxes we have made in the past.  He loves this box and both my boys have played in it.  The youngest has to be watched closely because he does still like to taste things( yuck).  The one that gets the most play time out of it is the oldest- 3.5 yrs.
DIY Dirt Sensory Bin for Kids

Dirt andor Mud Sensory Box

Supplies/what I used:  
I got a rubbermaid box and bag of dirt and lots of other fun things like marbles, rocks, trucks, glitter…. for him to play with.  I just filled the box up with dirt and then added all the other fun sensory items.  Have a bucket or bottle of water close by so they can turn the dirt to mud!
Now you just let the kids have fun and play along with them if they will let you,haha.  My son wanted me to just watch as he played with his box this day.  I have since been able to play in it too and get all dirty! Such fun for all ages.
Dirt and/or Mud sensory box
He started out by putting his gloves on and raking.  He played with different things for a little while then it was time to add WATER .
Dirt and/or Mud sensory box
Now he pours the water in to make his own mud box. 
Dirt and/or Mud sensory box
Glitter is fun in almost anything you do, so why not dirt and mud too.  He loved sprinkling the glitter all over his buried marbles.  We then had to add sand to the glitter bottle when he ran out so he could keep sprinkling his mud.  He planted his play flower and fed it some glitter food and watered it.  He just gets to use his imagination and play. The dirt/mud box is a hit at our house.   Hope you all have some dirt/ mud fun too.
 Dirt and/or Mud sensory box
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