DIY Artwork T-shirts ~fun activity for the kids


We have been having fun trying to get things marked off our Summer Bucket List.  This is the first year we made a bucket list to try and get through during summer.  Since my third child arrived, or really before he got here, I have been so all over the place.  This is not typical for me.  So this list has helped me to stay focused and it gives the kids something to look forward to.  So Artwork T-shirts was next.  This again is a first for us, as was our wind chimes we made last month. We are doing a few repeat things this year because my oldest really enjoys them.  Also these repeats for him are often firsts for little brother.  These shirts were easy for both my toddler and preschooler to make and I think they came out great.  Now they can both wear their own masterpieces.  

DIY Artwork T-Shirt for kids

 DIY Artwork T-shirts ~fun activity for the kids

While at walamart (one of my favorite stores) I came across fabric markers.  I picked them up and added them to the cart.  I knew we would come up with something to do with them.  A few months ago I was brainstorming what to let the kids do with the markers.  I had a few ideas but wasn’t sure.  Then while considering throwing out a few slightly stained white t-shirts of the kids I decided that letting them have the freedom to decorate their own shirts would be perfect.  
My kids love hanging up their artwork so I thought they might get a kick out of being able to wear it.  This was a great way to get more use out of those t-shirts that were heading for the trash.  It also gave me and the kids a fun activity to do this summer.
DIY Artwork T-shirts ~fun activity for the kids

What we used: 

Marker, painters tape, and t-shirts, that simple!

What to do:  

I placed painters tape across the shirts so there would be white space left between the scribbles.  This is optional. Set out the shirts on the table and let the kids draw on them.  It may have been a good idea to pull them over a piece of cardboard so the marker would not bleed through to the other side.  Ours did not bleed through but it could have.

I think this is such a great activity for kids of all ages.  It is easy enough for toddlers to do and could even be enjoyed by teenagers who enjoy drawing to make their own t-shirt.  Moms could have fun making their own shirt too.  Even if it is just to workout in or do house work.  As always we hope you and the kids can have fun with this idea too.

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