Baby’s First Finger Paint

We love to make paints out of all kinds of items we already have on hand at the house.  With young children and babies, store bought finger paints may not be the best choice because they want to taste everything!  I have found by using food items you can make some fun paints for the kids.  Today I will share how I made baby brother his first {safe} finger paints.
DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

When big brother was a baby, we started out with pudding paints . This was fun and safe if he decided to eat them and oh did he,lol. I would put construction paper out for him to paint while sitting in his high chair.  We went through paper after paper and 9 out of 10 went in the trash.  

Now, as a mom of 3 kids, I have learned a few things over the years. Since most of the paper we painted ended up in the trash, we started taking our paints to the tub.  Letting the kids paint the tub is great. They paint the sides of the tub and when they are done it can just be washed away.  Now I am not wasting paper and they are still having tons of fun and clean up just got a lot easier.  It is also a plus because my kids love to clean up the paints.  Giving them wash cloths with soap to clean up just gives them more time to enjoy the tub. 

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

DIY Baby’s First {Safe} Finger Paints


What I did:

I made the paints in a muffin tin from the dollar store.  I added small spoons.  I set the muffin tin in the bottom of the tub.  Then I sat baby brother in there with them.

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

He was so excited.  He is looking at me to make sure it is ok to eat. I just love that look.  He was having so much fun exploring the texture of the paints.  This was a great sensory experience for him and a great way to let him explore on his own.

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

He quickly covered himself in the paint while playing.  I also had two older brothers begging to play in the tub with him.  I promised them they could after baby brother got some time to explore on his own.  Below you can see baby brother looking over at his brother standing close by waiting for their turn.

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT
What I used to make the finger paints:
baby cereal, water, food coloring, spoons, and muffin tin.
I added the dry cereal to tin and filled with water until it was the consistency I wanted.  I then added a small amount of food coloring to it.
As always we hope you can enjoy this too.
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