DIY bird feeders with plastic lids

This is one of our favorite things to make because we love to watch the birds out our back window.  I thought it fitting to re-share as part of  an earth day Project.  We made some today.



DIY bird feeders with plastic lids

I got this idea from Meet the Dubiens blog.  It’s a great blog.  This is what you need plastic lids(we also did one tp roll), hot glue gun, yarn or string, peanut butter, bird seed.  I saved my lids from Gerber graduate snacks and take out containers.  You can use any plastic lid.   I hot glued yarn to the plastic lids and tp roll.  While they sat a minute I put bird seed in a plate and got the peanut butter out. I then put the peanut butter on the lids with a spoon.  I had to do this because big brother just kept eating the peanut butter off the spoon.  I then gave him the lid to press down in the bird seed.  For the tp roll you do it he same way, it is a little harder to get the peanut butter on and for the kids to roll in the seed.  But we did it!

What we used.

Having fun!

Here is the hanging bird feeder from the lid.

Here is the hanging tp roll bird feeder.

We then went and put them outside in our tree.  The birds ( and think squirrel’s) just love them.  We were able to watch the birds  from our back windows as they came to eat.
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