DIY cleaner “tub and shower magic”

I got the recipe from Food. Com .  I was excited to try out my first diy cleaner.  I have found this works great in my stainless steel sink and bathroom sinks, tub , and toilets.  I do not recommend it in your shower if yours has caulking as mine does.  I have also heard not to use on granite?  When I used it in my shower it seemed to peel the caulking up, so I stopped cleaning and rinsed it right away and have never tried that again.  But I do use it in my kitchen and on other bathroom surfaces weekly and love it.  My mother and grandmother have asked me how to make this of the last few weeks.  This post is for them:-)

What you need:


12 oz dawn dish soap, 12 oz white vinegar, and spray bottle.

What to do : 


Heat the vinegar in the microwave until hot about 3-4 min.  Use a microwavable safe bowl or measuring cup to do this.  Then add it to spray bottle.  Now add the soap to the spray bottle and then gently shake it up.
Last go clean something.  My mixture is blue and a little thick.  Its does not come out think like Windex.  Just so you know what to expect.


Hope you like this as much as I do.  Happy cleaning.

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